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Training Equipment

For the past four months or so I’ve been using a trainer bought from a guy at work which uses wind resistence. Initially this was fine although when going at any reasonable speed the noise becomes so great that it is impossible to listen to the television or music, let alone what my poor neighbours had to put up with.

I have been fortunate enough to find a second hand Tacx i-Magic for literally half the price of a new one. I was set on a Tacx Flow but when comparing the price of one of these new to the i-Magic there was really no choice. I do need to get the steering forks but I’m tracking a pair on eBay at the moment which could be a steal.

Also, I should be inline for a nice Polar CS400 Heart Rate Monitor soon, which, in addition to the optional cadence sensor will replace my Cateye Strada Cadence.

Am really looking forward to getting the VR training stuff up and running – providing my laptop is up to it!

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