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Science in Sport Energy and Recovery Products

I am a firm favourite of Science in Sport and their products, I have used several including Go Electrolyte, PSP22, Go Bar and Gel and can honestly say that they have helped me during my ride and afterward with Rego Recovery.

I am planning on trying out the Smart 1 which seems to be like the Go Gel with added caffeine plsu also Rego Nocte nighttime recovery drink and the glutamine product although I am not sure whether that is vegetarian or not.

During my training I’ll be trying out different combinations and solutions to find one that suits me best.

Please let me know any feedback you have on the SIS products as I’m keen to hear how others are getting on with them.

Update – 06/08/2008
Having read through some of the SIS literature yesterday evening I’ve noted the products I’ll be using pre-event, during and post-event, if you’re interested they are as follows:

PSP22 – including a 25 to 30% solution shortly before the start

Carb intake of about 70g per hour made up from:
a 10% PSP22 solution
Go-Gels – giving 25g of carbs per 70 ml solution
Go Bar – giving 46g of carbs per bar

Also, to help rehydration some Go Electrolyte.

To get some carbs back onboard within 20 minutes, I’ll use Rego Recovery and some more Go Electrolyte.

I’ll then also use Rego Nocte later on in the evening. I haven’t tried this before so I’ll just buy a couple of sachets, one chocolate and one vanilla to see which is more agreeable.

There is also the Sport L Glutamine product which I’ll need to look into.

Obviously I’ll need to make sure my diet is looked at so that I’m eating the right stuff nutrional wise etc.

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