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Open Water Training

Another session in the lake this evening – lovely hot, sunny day so a quick dip in the water was very welcome!

We started with a swim out to the first bouy and back to the deck (anywhere between 100m and 200m depending on who you listen to!), we then went out to the second and back which is around 750m. Both swims I started near the back of the group and on the second Rob from the club swam with me which was cool as he gave me some advice on the way back, that I should try not kicking my legs.

When we got back to the deck we had a quick chat and he said I might be wasting energy kicking and also I should try turning my body on it’s axis to help with breathing. I went out to the first bouy and back trying to stick to the advice, I certainly felt quicker on the way back.

Although the second bouy and back took me 17 minutes I know I can do better as I am holding back so come Wednesday I will go for a harder swim and see what time I get and how I feel afterward.

Wednesday evening will be my last open water session before the Norwich Tri on the 4th July.

Thanks to the friendly words of encouragement and advice from those at Tri-Anglia I am actually feeling a bit of confidence – not over confident though!!

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