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Polar RS800CX Tip

The past week and a bit I have noticed the display going blank when trying to start an exercise on my Polar.

I spoke with Polar tech support who wanted me to send the watch in so they could look at it. Before I could do this I had to contact the company I bought it from to get a duplicate receipt sent out.

It was lucky I did as the guy there, Tristan, asked what was wrong and knew straight away from my description that it was the battery failing.

Apparantly the battery life is 12 to 16 months if used regularly. The display blanks out as there is insufficient power for the watch to search for all the sensors plus work the display.

So, new battery ordered which should arrive Monday or Tuesday. Perhaps I could have found one cheaper (£6.50) but I am happy to pay as they are a great company – very helpful pre and post sales plus they send their goods out so quickly.

So, here’s to BHIP Ltd and their www.heartratemonitor.co.uk website!!

Oh and they are local, based in Snettisham! 🙂

Update 11th July 2010:

I arrived home this afternoon and found that the battery had been delivered yesterday – fantastic response from Tristan & Louise www.bhi-partnership.co.uk

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