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Whitlingham listed as Olympic Triathlon Training Camp

Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre has been included in the London 2012 Pre-Games Training Camp Guide as a prospective triathlon facility. I know this may be old news for some of you but I’ve only just happened across it now.

There are over 600 facilities across the UK listed out of which 20 are listed for triathlon training camps. Whitlingham are the only triathlon facility in the East of England.

The facilities had to meet strict criteria before they were accepted such as high quality training facilities, accommodation, catering, transport links amongst others. With the publication of the guide facilities are able to market themselves directly to the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and National Paralympic Committees NPCs). There are also financial awards available to NOCs and NPCs for their teams and individuals to train in the UK.

I really hope that Whitlingham manage to get some international teams/individuals in as it would be recognition of the quality of facilities available here and also for the local economy. Perhaps it would encourage other triathletes to train here in the future and maybe even host some bigger competitions?

Good luck Whitlingham!

Full list of triathlon training facilites.
Offical news of training camps (London 2012 website).

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