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Treadmill Training – a new lease of life.

Having been confined to the treadmill for reasons such as bad weather and family duties, my capacity to manage even 5k was being stretched due to intense boredom. Anyone who trains regularly on a treadmill, either at home or in the gym, can testify to the mind-numbingness that ensues, even when listening to music or watching something on the television.

Fortunately I bought a copy of Runners World which contained some training seasons based on a three day/week training schedule over winter. So far this has provided some interest by way of variation. The session I first tried was four sets – 800km followed by 400m jog. The first 800m was at 12kmh, with each subsequent set increasing by 1kmh therefore finishing at 15kmh. The jog was completed at 10kmh which by the end of the session even felt fast!

As a subscriber to McMillan Running website I get the occasional email from them and their most recent one came as a blessing as it too contained sessions for the treadmill. Today I completed the following session from the email which kept things interesting while watching Season 4 of Prison Break:

Workout: Faster, Faster!
400m @ easy run pace.
400m @ 15k (tempo) pace.
400m @ 5k pace.

I completed four sets of the above, today my easy pace was 10kmh, tempo @ 13kmh and 5k @ 14kmh. As I get used to this session I’ll increase my pace which will hopefully translate to faster race times and help me achieve one  of my 2011 goals of a sub-21 5km.

Indoor running is miles (or kilometers) away from the pleasure of running outdoors with the various weather conditions that it brings as well as changing terrain and good company.

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