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Janathon – Part 1 – A New Challenge.

First thing to say is thanks to Robbie (http://eatsleeptrain.co.uk/ – check it out!) for the inspiration to do my own Janathon. Reading his updates proved enough to get me thinking about some form of plan for the start of the new year.

The idea of Janathon, for me, is to perform some form of exercise each day throughout January. Rest days are permitted and I’ll be taking note of any warnings flagged up by my Polar software for that. So far, exercise has consisted of running and football training, I was hoping to get some swimming in this week but that didn’t happen.

My legs felt well worn Wednesday evening after the 10km round trip for work – knees and ankle aching mostly. Thursday morning brought a tightness to my right achilles tendon, hopefully not a repeat of tendonitis which I got last year. So glad Thursday was my rest day!

I’ll add some graphs soon to brighten up the page, and to give a more performance-orientated view of the session.

So, in brief:

Day 1: New Years day. My lad’s birthday. No exercise. Good start!

Day 2: Treadmill session.
800m @ 10kmh, 800m @ 13kmh, 800m @ 14kmh. Two sets.
455 cal. 175 bpm average.

Day 3: Footy training with my lad – that was enough running around for me, plus my left ankle was feeling sore.

Day 4: Treadmill “hills” session.
1.6km @ 8kmh @ 6.5 incline. 400m @ 10kmh flat.
1.6km @ 10kmh @ 6.5 incline. 400m @ 10kmh flat.
422 cal. 158 bpm average.

Day 5: Run commute.
5.1km. 4:50 min/km average pace.
509 cal. 180 bpm average.
5.0km. 4:45 min/km average pace.
508 cal. 183 bpm average.

Day 6: Rest day.

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