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Open Water Swim Swimming

I completed my first Open Water Swim (OWS) session the year last Wednesday (1st June). Having not really been in the water much at all since August last year I was a bit apprehensive about it knowing how the compression of the wetsuit can make one feel and also the possibility of fatigue part way round the course.

It wasn’t as bad as I had feared thankfully!

I was number 58 at the session and there were still people registering after me so there was a good few people enjoying the water on a lovely sunny afternoon. Having squuezed into the wewtsuit (which I’m sure has shrunk over winter!) I got into the water to get used to the feel of it again. When wetsuit swimming you let a bit of water in through the collar so that your body heat warms it up which in turn keeps you a bit warmer. The shock of the lake water making it’s way down the suit was chilling!!!

Still, didn’t have to wait around too long before we set off. I took my customary position out wide so that the majority of people didn’t swim over me and set off at a tentative pace. I didn’t want to go off too quickly as I wanted to make sure I didn’t get panicky with the feeling from the wetsuit and struggling for breathing pattern. My plan worked as I crawled further into the lake and found my rhythm.

Whitlingham OWS

Whitlingham OWS

With my Garmin Forerunner 310XT on my wrist I knew the capturing of my route would not be 100% accurate due to satellite signal loss when the unit was plunged into the water each stroke but it wasn’t too bad and gives a good idea of how I went.

I have another session tomorrow and will try putting the unit under my swim cap to see if that gives a more accurate route.

In summary I am pleased to have completed the first session with no problems and looking forward to the next one and also the Fritton Lake tri on Sunday!

Follow this link to see my stats and route:

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