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Strength & Core Training

Having neglected proper strength training for, oh – I don’t know, about a year, I thought it was about time I started up again. With this in mind, I took advantage of a deal and re-joined Harpers at Riverside, Norwich where they have not only a decent gym but also a 25m pool.

As part of signing up I got three 30 minute personal trainer sessions. At the first session I spent some time with Dave discussing my targets, previous results and also noting various health metrics. We then took a look at a few exercises which I tried out and added to the plan. I followed this session up over the remainder of the week by trying out the exercises – my muscles didn’t know what had hit them!!

The second session we added some more exercises and talked about the weights that I am using. For the first week or two, on most of the exercises I was struggling to complete all the sets with a decent number of reps. I am now increasing the weights on a few exercises while hitting new max reps on the others, once I get to max reps and keeping good form I’ll increase the weight there too.

I have started to get into a routine at the gym now based on two days a week and I’m enjoying the various exercises which are really working the different muscles. Basically, my routine includes a five minute warm up on the treadmill then Smith Squats, deadlift, chest press, lateral pulldown, cable row, shoulder press and occasionally shoulder pulls. After this I do some Swiss ball crunches and then half scorpions, following this is a 10 minute cool down back on the treadmill.

With the above in mind I am hoping to improve my upper body strength (shoulders, arms and chest) and also my core. Really hoping this will help my swim form as well as giving me a little more muscle strength for the bike and run.

More news to follow, back to watching the Ironman World Championships in Kona on http://kona.ironmanlive.com 🙂

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