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New gym routine

I recently went back to my gym having been absent for too long with no good reason other than a lack of motivation. I spoke with one of the gym team there and we discussed my aims and he then came up with a new routine based on a minimum of two sessions a week.

Workout No. 1 – Pyramid sets starting with 10 reps

  • Bench press
  • Pull ups
  • Dumbbell shoulder press

Workout No.2 – Reps to failure

  • Bench press
  • Pull ups

From my experience of the above two workouts, it’s important to consider the order of exercises as it is very easy to fatigue your muscles with dumbbell presses and then fail to hit the target reps on the bench press. Also, may be worth having someone on hand to spot you on the bench presses through the higher rep sets.

With these two workouts I have left the gym feeling like I’ve pushed myself and although they both wok the same muscle groups I am enjoying them greatly. I have a core-based routine to use so as to give my muscles a chance to recover so all-in-all I’m pretty happy right now!

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