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Two seasons into my triathlon “career” and I still love it.

I’ve raced super sprint, sprint and olympic distance events including the London Triathlon (2010) and the Dextro Energy Hyde Park (2011) triathlon. My favourite race so far is probably my first which was the Norwich sprint in 2010, it was my first experience of racing in any form and I loved the feeling when crossing the finish line.

Training sessions have given me great opportunities to concentrate on not just my physical welfare but also my spiritual welfare. While out on the bike or running, it has been great to talk to God and also take the time to listen as well which is hard to do during my busy days.

When I’ve suffered with pain and discomfort during hard sessions or when injured , I often think about how much Jesus suffered for us not just on the cross but also before that; being betrayed by those closet to him, being beaten and humiliated and scorned by those he came to save. This certainly puts things into perspective for me!!

Thinking ahead to next season I’m trying to decide which events to take part in; concentrate on improving performances at sprint distance or gain more experience at olympic distance. Regardless of my mainstay races, I plan to take part in the Tri-Anglia Broadsman half-iron distance event which will give me an idea of whether to the distance in 2013.

I am a member of a fantastic triathlon club called Tri-Anglia (http://www.tri-anglia.co.uk) who, through the summer, have open-water swim sessions at Whitlingam lake. They also host a good few races throughout the year with their flagship, the Norwich Triathlon, typically selling out. There are a great number of members who also act as volunteers for events and they thoroughly deserve all the praise they get.

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