Blue Seventy Transition Bag TZ

I have owned the Blue Seventy Transition Bag (Pack) TZ for the past two seasons and must say that it is pretty good.

It is robust, showing no signs of wear on the bottom, the zips are still all working properly and keeping the contents safe.

The only very minor thing I have noticed is that one of the zip tags has come off the zipper. This doesn’t affect the zip itself and seems to be fairly common as other bags I’ve spotted seem to have a tag or two missing.

I’m sure this can be prevented by ensuring that the bit that the tag slips through on the zip is pushed fully closed, I expect a quick pinch with a pair of pliers would do the job. I haven’t done this as I’m not that bothered at the moment.

Blue Seventy Transition Bag TZ

Blue Seventy Transition Bag TZ

In terms of storage capacity, the bottom compartment for the wetsuit is a good size and has waterproofed sides ensuring that the rest of your gear doesn’t get soaked.

There is a pocket of the front of the pack which is for storing your cycle helmet, the sides are elasticated and there is a clip to ensure that it is held fast.

There’s a zipped pocket on the top where you can store anything anything you need to hand quickly. Also provided is a socket/hole for passing headphones through so you can keep your MP3 player safe while getting in the zone prior to race start.

Inside, the main compartment is of generous size easily accommodating race shoes, bike shoes and your other gear. There are also a couple of pockets inside, one of them is zipped so you can stow your keys, mobile phone and wallet safely.

I have used this bag to carry my gear to a few races on my bike, the shoulder straps are well padded providing a comfortable feel and there is also a waist strap for extra security.

Depending on whether you wear an aero helmet or normal helmet while cycling with this pack will depend whether it catches or not. Although the pack is a good size and has some height, it does not catch on a normal helmet while riding on the hoods. However, if you are making your way to the transition zone wearing an aero helmet you may have to be a bit more careful as it can catch a bit. Not a big problem providing you are aware.

Overall – a great bag, well made and well worth the money. A good, solid investment to keep your gear safe.

Score: 7/10.

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