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Core-based gym routine

October 28, 2014 Leave a comment

As I mentioned at the end of my last blog post, I have a routine which I am currently using to work on my core. I’m having to use this more than I’d like as I have got tendinitis in my wrist which means I am unable to use either of the two previously mentioned work outs.

So, my core set consists of a number of variants on the crunch and plank exercises, I do the following but change the order, sometimes to split the crunches and planks.

  • crunch
  • plank (60 seconds)
  • reverse crunch
  • side plank (30 seconds each side)
  • bicycles
  • oblique crunch
  • Russian side twist

I do 20 reps of each in a set apart from the planks where I hold it for 60 seconds on 30 for each side on the side plank. The first set I find is very manageable but the second set is noticeably harder with the third set often being to failure if I can’t hit the target reps.

If I find I am losing form and really struggling then I’ll end the exercise there as it’s too easy to get an injury when you’re tired and pushing the last few reps – I’d much rather be able to come back the next day and workout rather than gain an extra couple of reps and then been injured for a week!

Before commencing the core exercises I warm up on the treadmill after a bit of stretching, I follow-up the workout with some stretches as I get my heart rate back down.

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I will see if I can get either some links to videos of these exercises or some photos demonstrating how they are done and will include them in a future post.

If you’ve got a favourite session for working on your core then please feel free to add a comment telling us about it.