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Norwich Triathlon Training Ride

May 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Making the most of the good weather, and being back home after a week in sunny Glasgow, I met up with a good friend to ride the Norwich triathlon olympic bike route.

I’ve known Gary for something like 15 years but have not really seen him for some time so it was good to bump into him at the Tri-anglia Waveney 1 traithlon at the beginning of the month. He’s a strong cyclist having done a couple of E’tapes taking in a good few of the most famous mountains France has to offer. As Gary is doing the Olympic tri this year, we thought it would be good to ride the bike route to get a good feel for it.

We joined the route at Saxlingham Nethergate and then proceeded round the course, the first 5 to 10 kilometers were on fairly quiet rides which allowed us to have a good chat. From joining the main road back Woodton into Brooke it was pretty much single file due to the traffic. The road is quite fast although there are a few inclines to consider pacing correctly on race day. Again, the road between Brooke and Poringland was pretty quick and it was nice to turn off toward Arminghall and away from all the cars.

The road to Arminghall is okay but as there are fields either side it could get windy when the road opens up. We then decided to ride to Whitlingham Lane for completeness rather than turn back toward Caister. When we got to the lake we had a quick look at where the ramp comes out of the water and the short run into transition.

The last leg of the course was okay although it takes in Skeet’s Hill, which for us was toward the end of our ride, but on race day will be fairly near the beginning – this is a good little workout for the legs!

Finished off the morning with a nice coffee and chat with Gary and Clare about family, work, cycling and triathlon.

What a great start to the weekend!

As shown in the graphs below, my heart got a good workout. I’m fairly pleased with my cadence and average speed of just under 19 miles an hour (30 km/h) given that I’ve not really cycled further than about 10 miles in one go!





Heart Rate

Heart Rate




2012 Season Races

April 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Having signed up for another race yesterday I thought it a good idea to make a note of my calendar for the 2012 season, I’ll hopefully follow up this post with another outlining my targets for each event.

Norwich Triathlon Olympic distance, Norwich, on July 1st.
More details.

National Club Relay Championships, Nottingham, on 25th and 26th August.
More details.

Waveney 2 Triathlon super sprint, Bungay, September 9th.
More details.

Fritton Viking half Ironman, Fritton, on September 23rd.
More details.

Additionally, I’ll hope to take part in the Broadsman which is the clubs unoffical half Ironman race, I’m not sure when this will be although it is toward the end of the year.

I also hope to try the local 10 mile time trial which runs on a weekday evening from Ketteringham and maybe try my hand at a race at the Lotus test track (time and resources pending!).

I’ll flesh this out with further details soon and also with my targets…

Another injury…

November 11, 2010 1 comment

Last Thursday I intended to take an easy run on part of the club 10k route, down one side of the lake and back through the woods. All started well, settled into a nice pace down Whitlingham Lane, lake path was a bit muddy but otherwise fine. Then got down to the end of the lake, took my eyes of the path to look a bit further up and OUCH – a slip on a tree root and my ankle is on fire!

Having got to a fence to lean against I could barely put any weight in my ankle but after a few minutes I started the walk back. No further than a few hundred metres later my right knee starts hurting, obvioulsy as a result of not being able to put weight on my left ankle – great. Walk back to the office must have taken me about 40 minutes but fortunately the rain held off.

A visit to the doctors the morning after confirmed that there was nothing broken but just soft tissue damage, good news but the bad news was he reckon it could take up to six weeks to heal properly. This pretty much rules out the club 10k for Nov with Dec a close call.

I’ll be training on the turbo to try and maintain what fitness level I currently have and will then start with some walking on the treadmill building upto to a gentle jog as soon as the ankle allows.

I’m not sure how this will affect my swim training but I need to get back on top of that as I’m supposed to be swimming a mile or two to raise money for the RNLI. Please visit my Virgin Money Giving page to make a donation, with a good few of us swimming in the sea at some point in out triathlon “career” who knows when we’ll need their help!

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Open Water Training

June 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Another session in the lake this evening – lovely hot, sunny day so a quick dip in the water was very welcome!

We started with a swim out to the first bouy and back to the deck (anywhere between 100m and 200m depending on who you listen to!), we then went out to the second and back which is around 750m. Both swims I started near the back of the group and on the second Rob from the club swam with me which was cool as he gave me some advice on the way back, that I should try not kicking my legs.

When we got back to the deck we had a quick chat and he said I might be wasting energy kicking and also I should try turning my body on it’s axis to help with breathing. I went out to the first bouy and back trying to stick to the advice, I certainly felt quicker on the way back.

Although the second bouy and back took me 17 minutes I know I can do better as I am holding back so come Wednesday I will go for a harder swim and see what time I get and how I feel afterward.

Wednesday evening will be my last open water session before the Norwich Tri on the 4th July.

Thanks to the friendly words of encouragement and advice from those at Tri-Anglia I am actually feeling a bit of confidence – not over confident though!!

What’s Been Happening?

March 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, I’ve been training mainly in the gym, working on core stability and building up muscle and control for my left leg as it is significantly weaker than my right.

After a good while of regular swimming over the winter period, I’ve neglected it recently so I need to get that started again.

Cycling has mainly been commuting so not an awful lot of miles but still good to keep my legs turning over.

I’ve signed up the Tri-Anglia triathlon club and also the British Triathlon Federation and the UKA as an attached runner via Tri-Anglia.

Ran my first race as a Tri-Anglia member last Sunday – the Reedham 10, a 10 mile road race around Reedham. The weather was nasty – rain and very cold temperature, still I got round in 77 mins 19 which given my lack of miles and the conditions I’m fairly happy with. Final placing my 71st out of 190-odd.

My next race will be a 10k event on the 28th March organised by the Coltishall Jaguars, this is in preperation for the Trowse 10k on 4th April. I decided not to run the Broadland half marathon on the 21st March as this wouldn’t really be good timing.

Hoping my race fuel arrives from DBM Nutrition in time for my races, will be great to try it out as the testimonies sound really positive.